GhostFit is a Lifestyle apparel brand based in the United States that was created in 2017 by young entrepreneur Joshua Parks. GhostFit exists in order to help people find their inter-strength to overcome all obstacles that interfere with their goals. As a lifestyle brand, it is our duty to create the most sleek and comfortable attire on the market. We aim to accomplish that goal by conducting creative research, a willingness to overachieve, and like always, RAISING OUR STANDARDS.

Our vision, Raise your standards, was a derived by a willingness of pushing for more than what is expected. This constantly reminds us that overachieving is the standard at GhostFit. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but our best work and we pride our self on staying true to that promise.

Our mission is to create a family/brand that understands and values the importance of hard work and relentless dedication. These two assets are very important to this company because they are the basis to how GhostFit was  created and operates on a daily basis. Before GhostFit was launched, it was merely an idea that wasn't ready to be put into place. With a second-to-none attitude and a humbled vision, the company was finally launched after months of researching and strategically planning . This is just the beginning, but the beginning of something great. Welcome to the GhostFit family and always remember to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!


GhostFit is led by:

Joshua Parks - Chief Executive Officer