Why We Built This - GhostFit

Why We Built This

"After the first 3 months of starting Ghostfit, I realized that I didn't know what the hell I was doing. After all, it started off as a bet.”

This is a true story, but first let's backtrack. In 2015, my sophomore year of college, I had gone down the darkest hole of my damn life. 6 months earlier, I was playing football for the University of Minnesota, passing all of my classes, and excited for what the future would hold.

I ended up quitting football, dropping all of my classes, constantly filled with anxiety, and totally losing my direction in life. Luckily, after months of zero motivation, my entrepreneurial grandmother, without knowing my mental state, introduced me to a book that completely changed my mentality.

The book was called “Money, Master the Game” by Tony Robbins. In his book, Tony talks about raising your standards. This phrase was exactly what I needed to read at the time. Instantly, I thought, expect more from yourself, expect more from others, and be a value adding individual.

This was the switch for me, it was my motivation! Funny enough, I never actually finished the book because I began doing the things I was missing. I got back into working out, which was always a HUGE passion of mine. I was determined to be one of those guys that becomes an athlete for a big fitness company. So, I started a fitness Instagram account.

After a few months, a company sent me a shirt to promote (I won’t disclose who because they are still in business). After trying on the apparel, I told my girlfriend, “This is such a bad shirt, especially for the cost they sell at.” She replied, “Then make your own.”

And so, it began. Unknowing what I was getting myself into, I started researching fabrics, hot trends, and manufacturers. I literally started from ground zero!

After 6 months of research, prototypes, testing, and investing my entire bank account of $800, Ghostfit was launched August 29th, 2017. Our slogan 'Raise Your Standards' was created far before the company was. It was a daily reminder to be the best version of myself that I could. That my passions will always conquer my weaknesses and that a simple shift in mindset can alter your reality.

Fast forward to today, over 10,000 people have committed to our apparel. In 2020 we will begin a mental health campaign aimed towards high school and college aged individuals to help them learn to overcome and mitigate issues such as anxiety and depression.

What started as a bet turned into a fulfilling passion. Not because the clothes we make, but rather the successes and devotion of the individuals in the clothes. We are not a fitness brand. We are individuals from various walks of life, with various triumphs and failures, that just happen to make fitness attire.

This is our story and we are here to help build yours!