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If Ghostfit were a book, the first 4 years would have represented the initial chapter, titled "Me". When I wrote the original “Why We Built This” section, I spoke about the struggles I faced as a child, my battle with mental health, and how Ghostfit provided greater purpose for my life.

The first 4 years of Ghostfit was fueled by my past. I was betting on myself while learning how to run a company.

Chapter 2, beginning 2022, is called "People & Memories". As I continue to read page after page, Ghostfit has introduced me to so many great people. I’ve realized what fulfills me isn’t simply clothing or business but creating authentic relationships that help solve problems.

In this chapter, I will introduce two of those individuals and how their stories pushed us closer towards our purpose. These stories represent the beauty life presents when your focus is intentional. 

I was originally introduced to Chris Bossio when my brother showed me his barber Youtube channel when I was in 9th grade. Since that time, I religiously kept up with his videos as he inspired me to cut my own hair and start my first company, Ghost Cuts (coined by a customer lol), in college. I use to cut about 30 heads a week in the college bathrooms. This is where I first learned the importance of customer service, pricing, and networking.

1 month into Ghostfit, I was watching an Instagram live that Chris was on. Chris had pinned his PO box to the chat because someone had created him a custom straight razor. I took that as an opportunity to send him our products. I wrote a hand written letter and sent him our first ever Tee (Green Scoop bottom - Worn in picture). 

Over the years, Chris would become a business mentor. I remember a conversation we had early on about spending business money on personal items. I told him, “Ghostfit is finally paying my bills.” His reply, “You shouldn’t be spending business funds on personal use. You need to put the money back into the business and start scaling." If you're reading this, thank you Chris! That was a well timed conversation. 

From a far, I see the passion and dedication Chris has educating and innovating the barber community. What he does is much bigger than himself and that is a valuable lesson. In my opinion, the reason why his message is so successful, is because he provides the barber community with what they need rather than what he wants. 

Chris is the owner of Tomb45, a company that produces innovative barber accessories along with barber education classes. In 2019, Ghostfit proudly became Tomb45's apparel partner.

I met Bob Emfield through my good friend Ben Leber. Getting into the clothing space, there are people and companies we have all heard of, like Tommy Bahama.

When I was driving to meet Bob, I was extremely nervous because who was I? Sure, I owned a clothing company but I was going to meet a clothing master.

The first 30 minutes of our meeting was Bob talking about the origin of Tommy Bahama. He explained how he came up with the name, how stores and restaurants were strategically set up, the sampling of garments, scaling the business, and more.

Finally it was my turn. I explained who we were but more importantly I had samples to show him. As he picked up each piece and examined them, he nodded but didn’t verbally communicate. After a few minutes he set them down and said, “They need to be thicker. Ask your manufacturer for thicker fabric and use it”.

For another hour we had an excellent conversation and I couldn’t have been more appreciative of his time.

What I learned from Bob was the importance of details. Whether it was Tommy Bahama or him critiquing our apparel, everything came down to details and how the little things set you apart. Without mastering the small things, the bigger picture can never be completed. True in business and in life.

When I started Ghostfit, I couldn't have imagined meeting someone of Bob's caliber in an industry I was just entering. It's a constant reminder of why I do this: People and Memories.

Although this chapter doesn't highlight NEARLY every incredible individual we’ve connected with, it outlines why people and the memories are so valued. It lends us inspiration, perspective, and new goals.

As chapters change, new lessons are learned, new experiences are had, and new ideas are formed. Though the theme remains the same, the story becomes clearer. Chapter 2 has officially started, cheers to people and memories. 


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